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Tahitian Pearl, diamond, 14kyg.

Approx. $2400.00

item # bwr 101

South Sea Pearl, diamond, 14kyg.

Approx. $2400.00

item # bwr 102


lapis diam 14kyg

14kyg with Lapis and diamonds.

Approx. $2500.00

item # bwr 106 lapis

14kyg, diamonds, and 5.51ct Opal

Approx. $2100.00--price varies w/ quality of opal

item # bwr 106 opal


diamonds 14ky

Customers diamonds in 14kyg custom band.


item # bwr comm 901

diam 14ky

Side view.

diamond 14kwg 18kyg

Customers diamonds--14kwg, 18kyg, and diamond.


item # bwr comm 913

diamonds 14ky 18kyg

14kwg, 14kyg, and diamonds.


item # bwr comm 914



diamond palladium 18ky

Palladium, 18kyg bar, and diamond.


item # bwr comm 920


Palladium ring with diamond.


item # bwr comm 905

diam palladium 18kyg

14kyg, 18kyg bar, and diamond.


item # bwr comm 904

14k white gold, 14kyg bar and diamond.


item # bwr comm 906


Silver band with 18kyg accents and .32ct diamond.

Approx. $ 850.00

item # bwr 439

14kyg. diamonds and Green Tourmaline--Commissioned

item # bwr comm 915

14kyg and diamonds--Commissioned

item # bwr comm 916

14kwg and diamonds--Commissioend

item # bwr comm 952


14kyg, 2.37ct Pink Tourmaline and .31ct diamond.

Approx. $ 2600.00

item # bwr 407

14kyg ring with 6.47ct Citrine, 10 .02ct diamonds-scattered.

Band in 14kyg--"Driftwood"

Approx. $ 2500.00

item # bwr 109 citrine diamond

citrine 14ky diamonds

Side view.

citrine 14kyg

14kyg ring with 7.74ct Citrine in palladium setting.

Band in 14kyg--"Driftwood"

Approx. $ 2200.00

item # bwr 109 citrine


14kyg--"driftwood" with Green Tourmaline and diamonds

item # bwr 109 grn tourm diam

14kyg--"driftwood" with Blue Topaz and diamonds

item # bwr 109 blu top diam

14kyg--"driftwood" with Citrine

item # bwr 109 citrine 2


Slighly thinner 14kyg band---"driftwood"

item # bwr 109 citrine small band


amethyst 14kyg

Amethyst on 14kyg band.

Band in 14kyg--"Driftwood"

Approx. $ 2400.00

item # bwr 109 amethyst

14kyg large band--"driftwood"

approx. $2200.00

item # brw 109


price varies

item # brw 109 diamonds

14kyg with Peridot set in 14kwg.



14kyg with diamonds.



14kyg, diamonds, Green Tourmaline.

item # bwr 104 green

14kwg, diamonds, 6.93ct Rhodolite Garnet.

Approx. $ 3000.00

item # bwr 104 garnet

garnet diam

7.14ct Rhodolite Garnet and diamonds set in customers ring.


item # bwr comm 918 garnet diam

Side view.

amy diam 14ky

14kyg ring with 4.18ct Amethyst and eight .03ct diamonds.

Approx. $3000.00

item # bwr 104 amy


garnet tourmaline diam 14kyg

14kyg ring with 5.39ct Rhodolite Garnet, .98ct Tourmaline, and diamonds.

Approx. 2600.00

item # bwr 203garnet tourmaline diam 14kyg

Top view.



citrine diam 14kyg

26.55ct Citrine with diamonds in 14kyg.


item # bwr comm 917

citrine diam 14kyg

Top view.


amy diam 14ky

Amethyst in 14kyg with diamonds.


item # bwr comm 919

14kyg, diamonds, 4.26ct Pink Tourmaline.

Approx. $ 2600.00

item # bwr 408

aqua diam 14ky palladium

Aquamarine set in palladium with diamonds set in 18kyg.


item # bwr comm 910

Click on this ring to see more rings by Bill Wismar chrysoprase sapphire palladium

Palladium bands with Sapphire and Chrysoprase


item # bwr comm 903



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