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Previous ring with Emerald.


item # bwr comm 956


Sterling, 14k rose gold and diamond.


item # bwr comm 956

14kyg with Platinum bars.

Band in 18kyg and platinum--"Flair Band"

Approx. $2600.00

item # bwr 110


Palladium ring with Fine 2.69ct Rhodolite Garnet and 18kyg bars accents.

Approx. 2600.00

item # bwr 202

prices vary with different stones.

rubelite garnet pallidum 18kyg

Side view

Customers Tourmaline.

Sterling and 18kyg bars.

item # bwr comm 921

Customers diamond.

Band in 18kyg and platinum--"Flair Band"

Approx. $2600.00--band ony

item # bwr 108

Sterling, 18kyg bars, 14kyg bezel, Tourmaline.

Approx. $600.00

item # bwr 201

prices vary with different stones.

Sterling, 18kyg bars, 14k bezel, Amethyst

Approx. $500.00

item # bwr 201


Stackables 14k yellow and rose gold

Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamonds


Stack# bwr 555

Stackables 14kyg

Diamonds and Sapphires


Stack# bwr 777

turquoise aqua diam  14kyg

Stack rings. 14k Yellow gold, one ring has sandblast finish. Turquoise, 1.53ct Aqua Marine and diamond.

Band only--approx. $600.00 each

Stack# bwr 333

garnet 14k yellow rose white

Stack ring. Yellow, Rose and Green gold. Garnet and diamonds.

Band only--approx. $600.00 each

Stack # bwr 334

Stackables 14k yelow and white gold

Sapphire, Garnet and Diamonds


Stack# bwr 444

Stackables 14kyg

1.06ct Garnet and diamond --------$ 525.00 .71ct Citrine--------------------------$ 450.00 3.25mm Blue Sapphire--$ 450.00

Stack # bwr 335

14ky and w gold bands with various stone.


Stack# bwr 999




Palladium, 14k rose gold, diamonds, sapphires--stackable.


Stack# bwr mac

14kyg with Emerald--Stackable

Approx. $650.00

item # bwr stack emerald

Stackables 14kyg

Citrine with no diamonds--$390.00 Amethyst and diamonds--$650.00 Garnet and diamonds--$650.00

Stack# bwr 222


Stackable 14kyg and diamonds


Stack# bwr 888



Sterling silver, Blue Topaz, diamonds.


Sterling silver, 18ky gold, 18ct Citine





Sterling silver "Seagull" w/ Amethyst set in 14k yellow gold bezel.


garnet ss 14ky

Sterling silver ring with 8x6 garnet in 14kyg bezel.

Approx. $ 300.00

item # bwr 303

Sterling with14kyg accent

Approx. $ 140.00

item # bwr 304

Silver band, 14kyg bezels, 22k accent, Garnet, Chrome Tourmaline.

item # bwr 306

Silver, 14kyg, Amethyst and Garnet.

item # bwr 307

garnet ss 14k bezel

Sterling, Garnet in 14kyg

Approx. $ 250.00

item # bwr 301 garnet


Sterling silver ring with Amethyst in 14kyg.

Approx. 325.00

Sterling, diamonds--one in 14kyg--Commissioned

item # bwr comm 912

Sterlling, Amethyst in 14kyg

Approx. $ 200.00

item # bwr 301

Sterling silver ring with Turquoise or Lapis with 14k yellow gold accents.

Approx: 250.00-450.00

Sterling, Chalcedony ring

Approx. $ 230.00

item--bwr 208 chal


Sterling silver w/ Amethyst and diamonds.


Stelring, Green Tourmaline, diamonds in 14kyg.

Approx. $

item # bwr 208g tourm



Sterling silver, 14k yellow gold bezel with Amethyst.

Approx. $550.00

Sterling, Peridot and dianonds set in 14kyg.

Approx. $ 1800.00

item # bwr 208 peri

Sterling silver ring w/ Turquoise and 14k yellow gold.

Approx. $ 450.00

Sterling, Peridot and Sapphires in 14kyg.

Approx. $ 1600.00

item # bwr 208 peri sap

Sterling, Turauoise set in 14kyg.

Approx. $ 230.00

item--bwr 208 turq rnd

Sterling, Turquoise in 14kyg ring

Approx. $ 230.00

item--bwr 208 turq


Sterling with 5.42ct Citrine

Approx. $ 350.00

item # bwr 208

Silver with Citrine.

Approx. $ 300.00

item # bwr 208r citrine

Sterling silver band, White Topaz in 14kyg bezel.


item # bwr comm 911

Sterling with 3.54ct Ametrine

Approx. $ 300.00

item # bwr 208 ametrine

Sterling, Lapis in 14kyg

Approx. 200.00

item # bwr 208 lapis

Sterling, Garnet set in 14kyg ring

Approx. $330.00

item--bwr 208 garnet

Sterling ring with amethyst set in 14kyg

Approx. $550.00

item # bwr 208 southern living



Silver, 22kyg wrap, Garnet in 14kyg bezel.

item # bwr 405

Silver, 22kyg wrap, heavy band.

Approx. 250.00

item # bwr 404

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Silver heavy hammered band.

Approx. 120.00

item # bwr 406



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Fairhope Alabama

251 928 5858