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sterling silver and wood, 22k gold

Sterling cuff with 22k gold wrap and Rose Wood

One Of A Kind


Multi stone in sterling silver--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 115


multi stone silver cuff

Sterling cuff with multiple stone and 14ky gold bezels and sterling bezels--Commissoned

item # bwb comm 109

silver 22k tourmalines

Sterling imprinted cuff with Pink and

Green Tourmaline, Garnet, Diamonds

and 22k accent.

Approx. $ 700.00

item # bwb 110


multi stone

Sterling cuff with 14ky gold accent, Diamonds, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 119

Multi-stone, 14k yellow gold accents in

Sterling silver.


Sterling silver, 14ky gold accents, Peridot,

Amethyst, Fire Opal



Remake of customers bracelet--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 116

gold cuff

Remake of old watch--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 112


broken tennis bracelet

40 plus diamonds

Bill's remake of tennis bracelet--


item # bwb comm 120


silver melted

2" wide sterling cuff with melted edges.

Approx. $ 400.00

item # bwb 108

3/4" wide sterling cuff imprinted with rose gold,

18ky gold accents.

Approx. $ 500.00

item # bwb 122

swirl 14k

16 gauge, 1 1/4" wide sterling cuff with 14ky gold accents.

Approx. $ 500.00

item # bwb 123

silver cuff

1" wide sterling cuff with 22ky gold accent.

Approx. $ 500.00

item # bwb 124



Sterling anticlast cuff--bow tie--30mm wide.

Approx. $ 390.00

item # bwb 103s

Silver - 18ky gold Bimetal Anticlast bracelet.

Approx. $ 2300.00

item # bwb 103 bi

anticlast gold

14kyg anticlast cuff

Approx. $ 4500.00

item # bwb 116y

lapis turquoise cuff

Wide sterling cuff with Lapis, Turquoise in 14ky gold or sterling bezels.


item # bwb 126

coral carnelian turquoise

Sterling cuff with Coral, Carnelian, Turquoise in 14ky gold bezels.

Approx. $ 600.00

item # bwb 125

silver 14kyg

Sandblasted sterling cuff w/ 14kyg hammered accent.

Approx. $ 700.00

item # bwb 112

silver 14k diamonds

Sterling cuff with 18ky gold accent with diamonds.

Approx. $ 1500.00

item # bwb 127



mexican opal 14k

14k gold with Mexican Opal--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 110



14k hammered

1" wide 14ky gold hammered cuff.

Approx. $ 3500.00

item # bwb 117b

melted 14k

1" wide 14ky gold cuff with melted edges.

Approx. $ 4000.00

item # bwb 117a

wide hammered 14k cuff

14ky gold cuff--hammered--1 1/4" wide - 20 gauge

Approx. $ 4500.00

item # bwb 121

14ky gold cuf

Approx. $4000.00

14k melange

14ky gold cuff with diamonds - 1ct total weight.

Approx. $ 5600.00

item # bwb 104a

14ky gold cuff 7/8" wide with melted edges.

Approx. $ 3000.00

item # bwb 117


1 1/2" sterling cuff with melted edges.

Approx. $ 390.00

Silver cuff, polished w/ melted edge.

Approx. $ 250.00

item # bwb 120a



Sterling silver, Turquoise Lapis, and 14ky gold.

Approx. 850.00

lapis silver

2 1/4" Sterling cuff with 46.83ct Lapis in 14kyg bezel


item # bwb 111


silver and turquoise cuff

Sterling cuff imprinted, 14x10 Turquoise set in 14ky gold bezels.

Approx. $ 1100.00

item # bwb 115

silver citrine

Sterling cuff imprinted with Citrine.

Approx. $ 350.00

item # bwb 114

silver 14kwire tourmaline

Anticlast sterling cuff with 18ky gold 7 strand accent, Rubelite Tourmaline, and 14ky gold bar.

Approx. $ 700.00

item # bwb 113





gold diamonds

14kyg bracelet with customers diamonds--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 113



Remake of customers broken link bracelet--Comissioned

item # bwb comm 114


Remake of customers unwanted link bracelet--Commissioned

item # bwb comm 117

remake of several tennis

Diamonds, 14kyg, Palladium

Remake of customers old tennis bracelets.

item # bwb comm 111


Remake of tennis bracelets

geometric cuff

14k yellow gold cuff with Green Tourmaline, Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst, Diamonds, and Palladium cross bars.


item # bwb 105



sterling bangles

Wavy Silver bangles.

Approx. 50.00 each

item # bwb 107


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Silver cuff w/ various stones.

Approx. $ 1400.00

item # bwb 109








2 South Church Street

Fairhope Alabama

251 928 5858